Introducing from SEO Design Solutions:

The SEO Design Framework

What’s Different and Why?

This framework was built as a powerful solution for our agency to rank clients in most competitive online markets. With over 1000 admin options, the SEO Design Framework is one of the most flexible WordPress frameworks ever devised for webmasters, bloggers, marketers, and business owners to build websites that rank as great as they look. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.


Rather than rest on our laurels our creative team possesses a forward thinking out-of-the box approach that delivers result-oriented solutions that stand the test of time for your business. We take your suggestions and feedback and channel them into a dynamic, actionable framework you can use again and again.


It’s not about what worked yesterday, it’s about giving you the peace of mind of knowing that the tools you use today to sculpt and build your business are future-proof and are evolving. Competitors, algorithms, attitudes and behaviors change and so do our methods to keep you ahead of the curve. This is more than just a credo or catchy motto, it’s our promise to you.

Thought Leaders

The web has changed everything and while 10 years ago we barely knew what a search engine was and 10 years from now it may be forgotten. It’s always about what’s next and with semantic technology in the wings as the next frontier, we’ve not only considered it, but have integrated it into our WordPress plugins and SEO framework.

Who We Are

Founded in 2006 our agency started as an SEO Service provider. Shortly thereafter, we climbed the ranks, got ranked on the first page of Google for SEO and meticulously helped fortune 500 companies and household brands increase rankings, revenue and reach. Later, in 2008 we branched into software (the SEO Ultimate All-In-One SEO Plugin) and started building the SEO Design Framework for our clients (which is now available to you). The rest is history…

Meet the Team

Max Schiller

Max Schiller


Alexis Prene

Alexis Prene

Social Media

Jonas Mills

Jonas Mills


Jennifer Marcus

Jennifer Marcus

Marketing Director

We Understand Your Challenges

We seek to understand first, and from there address market challenges. Intelligence and curiosity are the basis of our collaborative approach.

the President

Tools We Use

Powerful Tools

This framework was created to provide you with unparallelled granular control over every aspect of SEO and design.


Totally responsive design automatically resizes your website to any computer monitor, tablet or mobile phone automatically.

Fast Performance

Fast-loading webpages retain visitors, create a rewarding user experience and are a metric for ranking higher in search engines.

Integrated SEO

Unlike other so called SEO themes, this framework boasts dozens of real-world battle-tested advanced SEO features.

Meticulous Code

Coded to spec with HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap responsive grid and LESS components, easy enough for a novice, solid enough for developers.

Real Support

Need help? Experience lightning-fast support and detailed documentation to get up and running quickly. We’re there when you need us.

Over a Decade of Leadership

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.


Responsive & Retina Ready

Showcase retina ready images with responsive design on any device.

WooCommerce Ready

Quickly and easily design custom layouts and designs to compliment your WooCommerce driven storefronts.

Secure, Optimized Code

Built on HTML5 and CSS3 the framework runs on secure, solid, fast-loading code for optimal performance.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Create complex designs with ease with the SDF Drag and Drop Page Builder.

Beautifully Designed Skins

Instantly change the look and feel of your website with SDF Skins or even save and export your own designs.

Global/Local Page Controls

Create Global sitewide default settings and then override them easily on a page-by-page basic using the Local Page Level settings.

Website Silo Builder

Create powerful site architecture search engines rank and reward.

Advanced Theme Options

Background video, unlimited sidebars, display widgets, entrance animations, parallax effects and more.

Stunning Lightbox Effects

Easily implement link-triggered or timed lightboxes for opt-ins, images, videos, contact forms and more.

Real People. Proven Technology.

We’ve given you the ability to wield jaw-dropping control over the look and feel of your individual WordPress pages and posts. Become the Master over your WordPress projects when you use the SEO Design Framework’s page-level design controls to liberate your creative impulses and crush the limitations imposed by other WordPress themes.

Helping You Connect to the World

We provide the tools and intelligence to connect your brand with your ideal customers at the right time with the right medium.


Satisfied Clients

Our services have helped household brands increase search engine positioning, expand reach and enhance online visibility. See what our search engine optimization and design tools can do for YOU, today!

Get in Touch

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It’s Time to Get Started

The SEO Design Framework allows you to create global rules as a default setting (such as a 2 column design/layout) and then overwrite those settings with robust local/page-level controls.

This means that you can create unparalleled customization using a plethora of features such as: hiding the logo, toggling breadcrumbs on or off, toggling the slider on/off, and dozens of other features on a page-by-page basis. Put simply, you won’t find these features in ANY other theme or framework – period.

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